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We are the premier media monitoring company in the Caribbean.

To provide the best integrated media intelligence for the advertising, communications and media industries in the Caribbean

Media InSite Ltd. (“Media InSite”) commenced operations in Trinidad and Tobago in July 2011. Media InSite provides cutting-edge media monitoring products and services, by digitally tracking audio “fingerprints” of broadcasts across radio and television, as well as tracking print media for occurrences of advertisements, corporate and brand mentions as well as news and editorial content. Media InSite monitors and accurately measures radio, television, cable and newspaper advertising in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica.

To provide the best integrated media intelligence for the advertising, communications and media industries in the Caribbean.

To partner with experienced, “best in class” international industry leaders and providers of cutting-edge media intelligence and media monitoring systems.

To ensure our customers receive a valuable service that utilizes the latest in technological advances.

Media InSite Ltd. shall be the premier media monitoring company in the Caribbean, providing innovative media intelligence services, solutions and insights to the advertising, communications and media industries, designed to support strategic decision making and investments in marketing and communication strategies.


Media InSite’s SpotCheck™ gives you a variety of tools for checking media house compliance with placement schedules and competitor proximity rules.

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Media InSite’s SpotLight™ product is a set of powerful tools for understanding competitor advertising strategy, investment, and activity.

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Ensures all ad buys or placement schedules to verify that all spots, sponsorship tags, Announcer read scripts, DJ ad libs, etc., aired according to plan.

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Cyber Alert

CyberAlert PR measurement product captures, archives, and measures PR and News content across all monitored print publications, broadcast channels, news web sites, and select social media.

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Media InSite will give you access to a real-time monitoring and measurement solution, “Heartbeat”, that provides instantly updated snapshots of social media conversations.

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