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Accountability is becoming a significant advertising industry issue—driven, initially, by major advertisers who are seeking to better understand the return they are receiving for their investments in marketing and advertising. Advertisers are holding their agencies more accountable for delivering their ad buys. Radio, especially, is viewed as an imperfect medium—suffering from serious accountability issues, including a lack of schedule integrity and untimely data. Advertisers spend millions on radio advertising; industry (United States) discussions indicate that as much as 20% of that advertising is discrepant—i.e., outside the parameters of the media buy, including wrong time periods, incorrect copy or spot rotation, several seconds of audio not aired, or the entire spot simply not airing. With Media InSite powered by Mediaguide, advertisers and agencies:

  • are able to ensure that the right spots and tags aired in the right markets at the right times;
  • are able to quickly identify and correct broadcast errors;
  • are able to negotiate make-goods in-flight when they can be most valuable;
  • spend less time and money, dealing with after-the-fact discrepancies.

Mediaguide’s broadcast verification reports are available online and can be delivered daily directly to the client’s desktop. The reports are pre-formatted based on each customer’s specific needs and requirements. Features include:

Fingerprint and watermark technologies meet varying types of ad tracking requirements

  • Ad occurrence data for specific ads or campaigns
  • Data feed for import of information directly into planning or analytics tools
  • Detailed information at the market, station, date and time level

In addition to Mediaguide’s ad verification reports for radio and television, Media InSite also provides customers online or by email press verification reports also formatted based on each customer’s specific needs and requirements.

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